Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January 2012 Newsletter

Dear brethren,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. January has been a very busy month. Some of the things accomplished with your help were:

Sending 150 song books to Malaysia & Africa
Sending 1,042 library and text books to Africa
Baptisms reported by our students- 55
Restorations reported by our students-20
New congregations started by our students- 3 in Africa
Gospel tracts sent to Africa- 100,000
New students enrolled with ICOTB- 3
Bibles & NT sent to Africa-688

Our January stats were also very encouraging. We had 11,111 visits to our two websites in January. Our online BCC student enrollment was the highest ever for one month with 327 new students. We averaged 10.5 new students daily in January. At the beginning of February we had 2,230 BCC students enrolled from 124 nations.

During the past several weeks we have been visiting and reporting to some of our supporting congregations. We also had the opportunity to visit with several new congregations seeking to raise support for our work fund. We are happy to report that three new congregations are helping support our work fund.

We are also working on our mission trip to Zambia in August. Those going on this trip include; Jimmie B. Hill, Rusty & Laura Stark, Rod Rutherford, Dave Amos, Barry Gilreath, Jr. and Carolyn and I. We have purchased our tickets and are now working on dates for gospel meetings. We plan to teach 6 hours each day Monday through Friday at Zambia School of Biblical Studies in Livingstone. We will also be speaking in chapel each day and teaching some night classes for our students with ICOTB. We are hoping this year to conduct 3 or 4 gospel meetings. There is much work to do each year before we depart for Zambia.

Churches and individuals need to be aware that there is a scam going around in different places concerning helping those in need. I received an email from a faithful brother who lives and works outside the USA as a missionary. The email states that he had been on a trip away from home and was attacked and robbed. He said that his cell phone, cash, credit cards and ID were stolen. He then says his bank was sending him a replacement credit card but it would take 7 days and that he was trying to get the proper paper work at the embassy so he could fly home. He then asks that I loan him some money to settle some bills. He then tells me that if I could help to let him know and he will inform me on how to wire the money to him. The missionary knew nothing about this email and was safe at home when it was sent. The reason I was suspicious is that another missionary had told me a few weeks ago that someone sent out emails using his name on another scam recently. Churches and individuals should do some checking if they get such an email before they send any money. How sad that evil people would use the names of faithful missionaries to involve them in their evil activity. Brethren, beware!

I want to thank a brother in Christ in KY. for making several wooden communion trays for us to take to Africa. There is always a need for communion trays in Africa and the ones we use here in the USA are so hard to pack and carry to Africa. Our brother has made several wooden trays that are not assembled yet. They are flat and will not take up much space in travel. We plan to take them in our bags this year and put them together when we get there. 

Ronald D. Gilbert