Monday, October 14, 2013

Quick Update

The IBTM Zambia Campaign for 2013 was a great success.  44 were baptized and 146 restored during this month-long effort!  You can read the full report by clicking here for The Seeker newsletter.

While in Zambia one of the IBTM campaign group, Barry Gilreath, taped some segments for his TV program called Fabric of Family.  If you would like to see just select a program and click to go to the You Tube video:

            Ronald Gilbert speaking by Victoria Falls.  (The segment is about 4 ½ minutes into the program.)

           Godfrey Pitika, an instructor at Zambia School of Biblical Studies, speaking at Victoria Falls.  (Segment about 16 ½ minutes into program.)

            Webby Kenabanyama, an instructor at ZSOBS, speaking at a game park by the Zambezi River.  (Segment about 2 minutes into program.)

We have continued to have good news since this campaign as well.  In just the past couple of weeks 3 of our online correspondence students from Philippines, Botswana and Trinidad have been baptized.  Please pray with us that more of the many students continuing to study in this Bible program will obey the gospel of Christ.