International Bible Teaching Ministries is a mission work of the churches of Christ.  Brother Ronald D. Gilbert began this effort in 2007 and brother Jimmie B. Hill joined him in 2010. 

IBTM is focused on teaching the plain, pure Gospel of Christ in as many ways as possible, such as:

  • conducting Gospel meetings and seminars domestically and abroad.
  • printing and distributing Gospel tracts for study and evangelism.
  • providing Gospel tracts, articles and other study materials online.
  • distributing Bibles abroad in English and native languages.
  • assisting in establishing schools of preaching abroad.
  • teaching in schools of preaching abroad.
  • offering a series of Bible correspondence courses online.

IBTM also teaches through the International College of the Bible

For more information on International Bible Teaching Ministries please go to the website by clicking here.

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